Wizer Block: dead space or a new beginning?

Written by Will Denecke

Originally published by the Lake Oswego Review

I write this both from the perspective of being a long-time resident of Lake Oswego and an urban planner experienced in real estate development.

This community is at a crossroads. The practical choice is to come together to support an attractive, mixed-use development plan that will be a major asset to our downtown and to our tax base, or we can choose to dig in with our differences and watch as the black hole known as the Wizer Block sits as lifeless dead space. I think the choice is clear: In the big picture, we can either choose to expand our downtown with an exciting new addition to the existing Lake Oswego Village. Or we can say “No” and allow a sad dead space to continue being dead space for years to come. [Read full article at Lake Oswego Review]

The myth of the Big Box

Written by Roger Martin

Originally published by the Lake Oswego Review

For 65 years, the Wizer family owned and operated Wizer’s Oswego Market in our downtown. For decades, Gene Wizer has been physically and emotionally intertwined with the Lake Oswego community. Whenever a local cause or a charity reached out for help, the Wizers were always close to the top of the ask list, and Gene rarely disappointed. His generosity and commitment to Lake Oswego was unflinching and still remains resolute. [Read full article at Lake Oswego Review]

No Armageddon then, no Armageddon now

Written by Peter Sweet

Originally published by the Lake Oswego Review

I would like to thank Save Our Village and its supporters for raising the density issue for our downtown. Let’s face it: Many citizens would like to live in picturesque Carmel or Cannon Beach with one- and two-story buildings. Unfortunately, when you are within 10 miles of a major city such as Portland, the escalation and economics of land prices often dictate what is feasible from a development standpoint. [Read full article at Lake Oswego Review]

Revised proposal for the Wizer Block is much better

Written by Tom Maginnis

Originally published by the Lake Oswego Review

As a result of the stir regarding the Wizer Block, the city urged developer Patrick Kessi to do a redesign on a more human scale. This new re-design of Block 137 is the result of collaboration between the city’s Development Review Committee (DRC), the developer and concerned Lake Oswegans, and the concerns of the DRC and many in the community were addressed in the new redesign. [Read full article at Lake Oswego Review]

A new design for the Wizer Block

Written by Saundra Sorenson

Originally published by the Lake Oswego Review

Addressing complaints that its previous design was too big and too dense, Evergreen Group has submitted a new vision for the Wizer Block in downtown Lake Oswego that it hopes will be viewed as more compatible with the city’s architectural style.

Developer Patrick Kessi said this week that the new design reflects “the best suggestions” from feedback gathered at three public hearings and more than 100 meetings with neighborhood groups, business and community leaders and city officials. [Read full article at Lake Oswego Review]

Developer submits new design for Wizer block with fewer residences and more retail space

By Michael Bamesberger | mbamesberger@oregonian.com

Originally published by OregonLive

A developer this week submitted to the city a new, scaled-down design for the redevelopment of the Wizer block that includes just four stories and fewer residences.

Patrick Kessi, the principal of Evergreen Group, said the new design for the high-end housing and retail center incorporates the “best suggestions” gathered from meetings with neighbors, businesses, city leaders and the public. [Read full article at OregonLive]

Change of plans: Developer amends controversial Lake Oswego project

By Wendy Culverwell

Originally published by the Portland Business Journal

A Portland developer has modified its plans for the former Wizer’s Oswego Foods site following intense criticism from the community earlier this year.

Evergreen Group, led by Patrick Kessi, submitted the new designs to the city of Lake Oswego this week.

Kessi reports that the new design was influenced by feedback generated in three public hearings and countless private meetings with residents, business leaders and city officials. [Read full article at the Portland Business Journal]

East End Redevelopment District: A Shared Vision

Written by Patrick Kessi

Originally published by the Lake Oswego Review

The vision behind the East End Redevelopment District was to use high quality design to attract people and business back to downtown Lake Oswego. The landmark Lake View Village was the beginning of bold, public-private investment. It built on traditional architectural values, shaping special downtown spaces and creating significant public value. This kind of redevelopment encourages other innovative development on adjacent blocks – resulting in a more vibrant Lake Oswego Village. [Read full article at Lake Oswego Review]