Citizen’s View: Looking toward tomorrow

Letter by John Beardsley.  Originally published in the Lake Oswego Review 10/1/15.

How perceptive was the last paragraph in Victor Nelson’s letter to the editor (“Change and progress,” Sept. 24)? At the end of his letter, Nelson included a David Ben Gurion quote — “It’s not enough to be up to date, you have to be up to tomorrow” — which I’d never heard, but which is appropriate for tomorrow’s Lake Oswego.

Tomorrow is an energetic downtown Lake Oswego, with thriving small businesses and new community members contributing to our tax base. I am up for that. Tomorrow is at least $600,000 in new property tax revenue so that we can continue to have great schools, parks, bicycle paths and superior infrastructure and services. And I’m up for that. Tomorrow is jobs, new faces and fresh ideas, and I’m most certainly up for that.

The development on the Wizer Block contributes to Lake Oswego’s tomorrow. As passersby can see, it will be shortly under construction, providing hundreds of needed construction jobs. Sure, there may be some frustrations during the construction period, but let’s look beyond that and at all we will gain as a community when this infill project is done.

Tomorrow is change, and progress, and we must not let tomorrow pass us by. We do so at our own peril!

John Beardsley

Lake Oswego

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