Lake Oswego Wizer Block Buildings A & C - Pedestrian Walkway

Significant Benefits to Lake Oswego Community

Innovative Development has Robust Rewards for Lake Oswego

  • New ground floor retail will attract to downtown LO shoppers who now spend their money in other retail areas
  • New high quality housing options will attract young professionals who will potentially commit to Lake Oswego because of all it offers
  • "Empty nesters" will be attracted to Block 137 because of the opportunity to maintain a traditional Lake Oswego Village lifestyle without the burdens of maintaining and owning a large house
  • A projected $600,000 increase in property tax revenue will be generated, resulting in monies for priority services in neighborhoods like First Addition, Evergreen and Foothills
  • 1200 temporary construction jobs and over 100 permanent jobs will be created
  • An estimated windfall of $250,000 will go to LO schools from construction excise tax revenue
  • Public Parking Spaces available for community events such as Farmers' Market