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Weather Delayed Most Activities Last Week

This week’s update is a repeat of last week since the snow and ice storm delayed many of the scheduled activities from last week.

Small crews were on site Thursday and Friday this week doing snow clean up in preparation for the thaw and a resuming of full crews working on Monday.

All three buildings will have visible exterior activity this week – weather permitting!

Building A roof curbs, which will eventually support all the mechanical equipment will be laid out. Windows for Level 3 will be delivered on Friday.

The first concrete pour of the Level 3 slab will take place on Thursday at Building B if the weather co –operates. It will mean a road closure, so please go to our Facebook page for updates this week.

On Building C roofers will continue installing the hot mop vapor barrier on the flat roof working from the south to the north end. The install of sheathing and weather barrier work will finish this week and flashing for the windows will be installed beginning next week.

On the interior of Building A crews will continue to work on roughing in the mechanical, electrical and plumbing for the units on Level 2. On the interior of Building C crews are framing the ceilings and soffits on level 2 and 3.

Masons are scheduled to begin brick work on the South elevation in two weeks time.

As always go to www.facebook.com/TimelineLO137 to see pictures or alerts about mid week.

Below is what will be happening on the Block this coming week.

You are encouraged to check our Facebook page www.facebook.com/TimelineLO137 anytime for weekly news and photos.

Please call any of the numbers or email any of the people listed below with your questions.

Time Line LO

Questions Regarding Project Site:
Dan Armstrong          (503) 937-9117           dan.armstrong@lewisbuilds.com

Questions Regarding Construction:
Matt Baker                 (503) 937-9117            matt.baker@lewisbuilds.com

Comments or Concerns:
Elaine Franklin           (503) 819-2647         elainefranklin1@aol.com

Questions from Media:
Elaine Franklin           (503) 819-2647         elainefranklin1@aol.com

Commercial/Retail Leasing:
Kathleen Healy          (503) 274-0211          kathleen@cra-nw.com
Scott Buth                   (503) 274-0211          scott@cra-nw.com
Ashley Heichelbech  (503) 274-0211          ashley@cra-nw.com

Residential Leasing:
Julie Hoffinger           (503) 248-9371          jhoffinger@phkinc.com

Construction Project Office –  457 Second Street, Lake Oswego

January 13, 2017

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January 16, 2017
Here is what will be happening this coming week.

Roofing curbs to support all mechanical equipment will be installed on Building A.

Windows for Level 3, Building A delivered Friday.

Miscellaneous structural steel on the exterior of Building A – floors 2 & 3 will continue.

Concrete pour for the Building B Level 3 slab will take place Thursday – road closure. CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPDATES.

Exterior sheathing and weather barrier work (green material) continues on Building C and should finish this week.

Ongoing interior mechanical, electrical, plumbing rough –in work, all levels.

Interior wall framing and dry wall installation all levels.

As always don't hesitate to call or email any of the people listed on the left side of this page.

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