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Fourth Floor of Building C Close to being Dry!

Hey – we’ll grab any good weather related construction news!

On the outside of Block 137 it’s lovely to see developing angles and the character of the buildings coming into focus. Take a look at the brick and shingles on Building C and watch how they put life and diversity of materials onto the exteriors.

Compliments coming in about how well our teams keep the traffic moving as the loading and unloading of materials takes place.

Here's what will be happening on site this coming week.

Building A along “A” Avenue

The roofers have started installing the TPO roof (the flame retardant, UV absorbing membrane) on the East side of the building and will be working to the West. This work will continue into April and is heavily dependent on the weather. Exterior crews have finished the sheathing on the East elevation last week and will now be moving to the NE and NW elevations to install the sheathing. Flashing was completed on the SW elevation last week and crews have moved to the SE elevation this week. Windows are being installed on the SW elevation this week and they will be installing on the SW elevation next week. Inside the building, crews are steadily working on framing the ceilings and soffits in the units and will move to layout similar to Building C once the ceilings and soffits are complete.

Building B along Second Street

On the North side, crews have framed and sheathed the parapet wall this last week and will be working on the sloped roof framing next week. In the center of the building, crews installed the wall panels this last week and are framing and sheathing the parapet wall this week and next week. On the South side, crews are setting the exterior wall panels this week and will be installing steel columns and beams next week.

Building C along First Street

The roof shingles started last week and will continue into mid-April. The brick for the chimneys will be moving to the East side of the building working North. The 4th floor is close to being dry. Once the floor is water-tight, crews will begin spray foam in the sloped roof areas and then rough in for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. Inside on levels 2 & 3, crews are framing interior walls and shaft walls. Elevator installers are about 85% done installing the elevator for the building. They will be moving over to Building A once the Building C Elevator is complete.

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Below is what will be happening on the Block this coming week.

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March 24, 2017

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March 27, 2017
Here is what will be happening this coming week.

Roofers continue installation of the flame retardant, UV absorbing membrane (TPO) on the East side of Building A and will work to the West.

Crews will now work on sheathing on the NE and NW elevation of Building A.

Windows will be installed on the SE elevation on Building A.

Inside Building A framing of ceilings and soffits in the units.

Inside Building A framing of ceilings and soffits in the units.

Installation of roof panels and sloped roof steel will continue on North side of Building B.

Framing and sheathing of the parapet wall will begin on Building B.

On the South side of Building B crews will be setting the exterior wall panels.

On Building C roof shingles will continue into mid April.

Temporary heating units close to drying out Building C.

Windows and temporary windows continue to be installed on 2nd and 3rd floor to keep Building C as dry as possible.

Brick work moves along East elevation on chimneys of Building C.

Drying out of Building C 4th floor continues.

Inside Building C crews will continue framing walls and laying out where lights, sprinklers and grilles will be located on second and third floors.

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